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How to Save Space on Your Switch by Downloading Games to microSD Card

If you plan to download many games to your Nintendo Switch, the 32GB storage won't get you very far. However, by picking up a microSD card, you can expand your Switch's storage to better accommodate your downloading habits. If you have already downloaded games onto your Nintendo Switch system memory and you want to transfer them to your microSD card, you'll have to jump through a few hoops.

can i download switch games to sd card

This is also useful for quickly transferring your games over if you've decided to upgrade your console. If you're now rocking a Nintendo Switch OLED, you don't want to redownload all those games. Spare yourself some pain and invest in a solid SD card to make the process simple.

If you are planning on transferring games onto a microSD card, you will likely be in the market to buy one. If you're uncertain about which microSD card to get, read our article to know which size microSD card is best for Nintendo Switch.

That means that many Switch owners have bought microSD cards to expand their storage horizons significantly, but one annoyance remained. Until 2021, you couldn't move data between your Switch and your expanded storage: whichever you chose to install a downloaded game onto, that's where it would stay.

Save data is stored in the System Memory, and for the most part, it is associated to the individual user. So long as the same user is selected on the console, the save data will not be impacted whether the software is played from a game card or downloaded from the Nintendo eShop.

If you purchase a physical version of a game that requires an additional microSD card, you will be able to play a portion of the game right out of the box (for example, specific levels or modes). To enjoy the full game, however, downloading additional data is required. Depending on the storage requirements for each game, it may be necessary to purchase a microSD card to expand storage space.

This guide will show you how to hack your unpatched Nintendo Switch and install Atmosphere custom firmware with Tinfoil + HBG Shop so you can download games directly to your Switch SD card. You will also have access to various homebrew applications such as cheat managers, emulators, offline updates and more.

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Do you wonder how many games can a switch hold? Or are you considering purchasing a Switch Lite and wondering how many games it can hold? With digital games becoming more popular, it's essential to understand the storage capabilities of your gaming console.

We will guide you through the storage capacity of both the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite and tell you exactly how many games a Switch can hold. Additionally, we'll explore the benefits of purchasing an SD card for your Switch and the compatibility of different microSD cards.

The number of games you can store can vary based on the size of the games and whether they are physical or digital. Physical games don't require downloading the entire game, while digital games can take up a lot of space.

Yes, it is worth getting an SD card for the Nintendo Switch. The standard model only has 32GB of internal memory and games can take up a lot of space. For example, the Dragon Quest Heroes bundle pack is larger than the Switch's internal storage capacity, and Nintendo suggests that you use an SD card when downloading it.

A 128GB SSD can hold approximately 19 Nintendo Switch games based on an average of 6.7GB per title, considering unusable storage space on the card itself. However, the size of the Switch games varies greatly, ranging from just a few MBs to over 20GB.

With an average game size of 6.7GB, you can store approximately 150 games on a 1TB memory card. Breath of the Wild, one of the largest games on the Switch, takes up around 13.4GB of storage space, and you could store up to 74 copies of the game on this 1TB memory card.

Hey there!I recently bought my Nintendo Switch OLED and got a 512 GB SD Card aswell.Downloading and moving games worked totally fine until I tried to download The Witcher 3 - Complete Edition (31 GB). I would like to save it on my SD card since it would take so much space in the systems memory. I also formatted the sd card beforehand. So I tried to download it to SD but it always stopped. Sometimes after a few seconds other times a bit more into the download. I tried it in different (W)LANs - never worked (Error-Code 2005-0003). So I removed the SD card and tried to download to the system. This works perfectly fine. But when I try to move the data to the sd card it stops at about 80-90% always leaving 3.3 GB on the systems memory. Trying to move the rest of the data a second time results in the same error as before. I also tried to search for corrupt data in the installation but the system just told me to reinstall it and deleted the whole game :/

I recently upgraded my sd card to have more space. The games for some reason only download to my old sd card, 124 doesn't go far. Between NBA 2k and Final Fantasy, I pretty much take the whole space. Which is why I brought a 256. How can I download the games on my new sd card? It keeps saying error.

They way i did it @biglittlejake was to first stick in the New microsd into your Switch to format it.Turn your system off alway when taking out or putting in a Microsd(Off!!! not Sleep Mode). Then go to Eshop and click on your profile picture. The little circle in the upper right corner of the screen with your profile pic. This should take you to your Account Information menu which has your wish list and a redownload option. Click on the redownload option and then choose a click on all the games you want to redownload. Before forewarned though when i did this it took over 3 days of 24hour downloading to redownload all my games.

I'm sorry to say you may have fried your new card @biglittlejake. Only two things i can think of is to turn your system off remove the new card, then insert it back in and turn the system on. If that doesn't work the only other thing i can think of is to turn your system off then insert your old card delete one of your games then try to redownload it again on your old card the way i said. If it starts downloading on your old card wait a minute or two then cancel the download. Then turn off your system remove the old card and insert the new card and try downloading the same game again on the new card. If it won't let you i would say the new card is fried.

Glad to hear that @biglittlejake. And yea it's a slow process it took about 7.5 hours to download a 24gb game and 3 days total for all my games and i have 100mbs internet. And again glad it's working now.

@BacklogBlues It said corrupt, it was so close to downloading NBA 2K updates, 80 percent. I guess, maybe my sd card is corrupted. I don't get why it recognizes it. Anyway thank you for help. I will continue to do trial and error. I Don't know if Nintendo support would help in this situation. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out, I hope.

If you downloaded the digital version of the game, then bought an SD card and you want to move it, simply go into Settings, data management and "Archive" the game. Then, redownload. If you have a card installed, it will automatically install to the card.

@tasuki: your right, I tried to say that with the second part of my post and wasn't really very clear. As a PC gamer I totally understand the OPs question though. I'm used to games being tied to an account not tied to a physical machine or physical media. And Amazon prime makes it even worse with the 20% off. I would certainly prefer to have multiple games installed on a single SD card instead of swapping cards (especially for short multiplayer games like the new Tetris game) but I'm not willing to pay 20% extra plus give up any potential resale value just for that convenience. It's unfortunate that they don't offer a discount on digital downloads for that reason. Some of the indie ports are originally Pc games and they are 30-50% more expensive on the switch, even as a digital download.

@Bp_968 I've only had the Wii U recently but from my experience there seems to be sales on the eShop quite often. Saw Zelda Skyward Sword cheaper to download than it is to go and buy a ore owned physical. The Zelda sale is over now and have you seen the price on the 2 Darksiders games? That deal is insane I got a reminder in my phone to let me know when the sale is finishing so I can grab both. It's buy the 2nd and get the 1st for 80% off or other way round. So there is sales and they can be pretty good too!

I wonder if there is a way to show your purchase for the game to the Nintendo eShop online where you can download the games or somehow just prove that you did purchase the game and be able to get a free download from Nintendo with no charge at all

This is in regard to the Nintendo switch games I just bought FIFA 2018 which is a terrific game and a couple other games for my kids for Christmas and I just feel like it's safer for able to just download them and I didn't think about that before I bought them but I wonder if there's a way that Nintendo would honor the purchase and allow us to download it from the online store

If you have young and/or irresponsible children, then downloading the games directly via the eShop (even though they cost more than retail) would be the better option overall (though you will need a large microSD card to store your games). At least if your Switch is broken or lost at some point, you can link your account to a new system and redownload your old software.

But if Nintendo had gone with the 100% digital shop version, then they could have use the game card as a quick install function and then have the user cash in a code and download a run file that locked to that console.But the Switch would need a extra SD port to be able to support such a solution.

This would be super convenient, especially seeing as the physical game prices are often cheaper than digital. Steam / Origin / Uplay allows you to do this with certain games using the relevant CD key.I see no real technical issues with them allowing this. Imagine Loading up the switch for travels and not having to swap out carts. we can but dream. 2b4c41e320


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