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Show Your Love with These Wonderful Wallpaper Photos and Images

Attention! All wallpapers of Love on the site were found freely distributed on the Internet or downloaded by our users and are presented for informational purposes only. By downloading free pictures Love to your phone on our website, you agree to review and remove the screensaver from your phone.

No more mountains! Mojave brought a new system-wide Dark Mode, and the OS shipped with two versions of its default wallpaper to match. Users could even have macOS slowly fade between the two background images over the course of the day.

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macOS Catalina brought big changes to the Mac, including the ability to run iPad apps natively, opening the platform up to a much larger number of developers than ever before. Catalina shipped with multiple variants of its default wallpaper, and the ability to shift between them as time progresses throughout the day:

This version of macOS builds on Big Sur, bringing Shortcuts and a range of features that are also part of iOS and iPadOS 15. As of the first beta, Monterey does not include any new nature wallpapers as previous releases has.

Celebrated in June, Pride Month honors the true essence of love that goes beyond gender, color, and status. It emphasizes equality, respect, and acceptance for queer and trans people across the globe.

We have created cute, colorful, and unique wallpapers to wrap you in the warmth of Pride Month. Our designers have squished out their creative juices and taken inspiration from Pinterest to create the best Pride Month wallpapers for iPhone.

Srishti is an avid writer who loves exploring new things and letting the world know about them through her words. With a curious mind, she will let you move through the nooks and corners of the Apple ecosystem. When not writing, you can find her gushing over BTS like a true BTS Army would.

How cute is this wallpaper? I really love it! This is a great spring background wallpaper and it will make my phone look so vibrant. I especially love the various colored flowers! What else screams spring than a field of freshly blooming florals?

Welcome spring with a beautiful wallpaper for your iPhone featuring flowers and a butterfly! This cheerful wallpaper combines the beauty of nature with the joy of springtime. With its vibrant colors and delicate details, it will make your device look as fresh as a blooming flower in an idyllic meadow.

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Bring some life and color to your phone with this beautiful spring wallpaper featuring multi-colored flowers. This vibrant wallpaper will add a cheerful touch to your device, perfect for the upcoming spring season!

Welcome the new season with a stunning spring wallpaper for your iPhone! If you are looking for something unique and beautiful, then this pink flower-themed wallpaper is perfect. With its vibrant colors and dreamy look, it will surely add a touch of elegance to your device.

This spring, make your iPhone look absolutely gorgeous with this stunning wallpaper featuring pink flowering trees. This beautiful spring wallpaper has a dreamy and vibrant feel to it, making it the perfect way to add some color to your device without being too overwhelming.

We cannot get enough of these adorable wallpapers with hearts, and you would have figured it out by now. None of us can ever get enough of being loved, can we? And of course, the same goes with wallpapers too.

Supreeth is an out and out tech fanatic, and has had fun around it since he was a kid. He currently does what he loves best - writing about technology at Guiding Tech. He is a former mechanical engineer and has worked in the EV industry for two years.

With this response to the Van Gogh-inspired wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, Basic Apple Guy decided to create another collection of four AI-generated macOS wallpapers that can also be used on iPhone and iPad.

It also has night settings, which can make your wallpaper more visible after dark. Although the app isn't frequently updated, it's still one of the best live wallpapers you can use for Android phones.

One of the unique things about this app is that it's developer-friendly, with the source code of the app available at This means that anyone can use the source code to manipulate and develop their own unique live wallpapers.

If you want to customize the wallpaper that the app flashes, this is possible as it can easily be adjusted according to your preferences through the app's settings. You don't have to worry about this too much, as the app comes with many high-quality live wallpapers that will not disappoint.

Rainpaper compiles the best live wallpapers from Reddit. With this app, you get customizable weather effects like rain and fog to use as your background. You can also choose the rain color, frequency, and type of droplets depending on your preferences.

Borderlight Live Wallpaper is a simple but very neat idea. This live wallpaper app displays a multicolored moving border around your screen's edges. It can be adjusted to fit any size of screen without any problems.

The 4D Live Wallpaper app is a collection of the best AMOLED live wallpapers. It features live backgrounds with a cool 3D depth effect, with lots of options for different people with different tastes.

A great thing about this is that even though it offers many great wallpapers, it uses a low amount of battery. And best of all, if you're a tech enthusiast, you can get a wallpaper that can be controlled by your smartphone's sensors.

There are lots of options to choose from so you can definitely find something that suits your tastes. Aside from live wallpapers, you can also get ringtones from this app, which is a great accompaniment for your moving background.

Zedge positions itself as an all-in-one wallpaper app, claiming that it's the only one you'll ever need. The app contains a rich collection of live wallpapers of all themes from space to spiritual, alongside static wallpapers. There's an in-app currency called "Zedge Credits" that you can use to get premium content; you can purchase this currency with real money or earn it by watching ads.

The app also has a vast library of free ringtones and alarm sounds that you can browse through. This means you don't have to download more apps to explore different ringtones; you can access everything in the Zedge app itself and decide on the spot if your ringtone matches your wallpaper's vibe.

I like to get cozy in January and February and enjoy the winter season. As much as I love warm weather (and believe me, I really miss summer weather during these months), there is something beautiful about the seasons changing. I also like to bring elements of this coziness and the winter vibe into my life.

I included a variety of serene shots and winter shots that are just breathtaking. My hope is that these winter wallpaper downloads for your iPhone will reflect that quiet magic that winter holds, regardless of the holiday season.

Note: You can use any of these winter wallpaper options for either your home screen, lock screen, or both. Your iPhone gives you the option to use a different wallpaper for each screen, which is a fun way to incorporate more photos.

If you really love a winter wallpaper but are having trouble using it on your home screen, try using an editing app (I love Tezza and Canva for this) to add a muted overlay over the photo. This should make it easier to use under your apps.

This photo just reminds me how fast life is in the city and before you know it, we are well on our way to a new year. Moreover, I just love the look of the city during the winter season. I love how moody it gets!

If you like the look of busy streets where cars and people pack the city, then you will certainly love this as your phone wallpaper. It even gives you a look at the stoplights you see a lot on the streets.

Even though lights are always associated with Christmas, I think that lights (in the right way) remind me of winter magic just as much, as I included lots of photos with white lights (or pink lights in this case) in this winter wallpaper for iPhone roundup.

This is a modern cityscape that captures New York City perfectly during a snowstorm. As much as I love quiet woodsy winter photos, there is something really cool about how an entire city will quite literally shut down during a snowstorm. I included plenty of other city-scapes as well (mostly during stormy days) so keep scrolling if this is your vibe!

Soundscapes for the multi award-winning Dreaming Methods.This particular piece was used as a soundscape for Wallpaper VR.Read about it here and download it to your browser. -vr/Dreaming Methods is an award-winning UK-based studio that creates immersive and compelling fiction experiences through digital art and games, with a core focus on reimagining writing and literacy.

I love the daily Bing pictures at the sign in screen when I wake up my computer. However, there is nothing to tell me where the picture was taken and who the photographer was. How do I easily find out this information. I wish microsoft would put the information with the picture. It would be nice to know. The pictures are really stunningly beautiful.

This post will act as a guide and resource for alllllllllll of my free wallpapers & folders. I have a couple of more designs in mind & I will be sharing them in the upcoming weeks right here on this page.

Hi Taylor! In order to get access to my freebies, provide email when popup shows up to the right (try an incognito window on chrome).A link to my downloads vault will be sent in a welcome email + password to access all my free wallpapers, custom folders, planners, and binders.Hope this helps!

Hi Joanna, love your designs sm! I am always amazed by your creativity and the way you use artistic elements to express your unique aesthetic. I am from Philippines and I am always waiting for your new upload specially the desktop organizers wallpapers. ur really a life saver lovelots!!!

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