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Epic Games Launcher Download Speed or 0: How to Optimize Your Connection

I have been getting 0 download speed when downloading anything from the Epic store with small spikes every now and then. It has been a problem for a while and I have been searching for an answer for a long time.

i m trying to download ue4 from launcher but the speed drops every 2 minutes to 0 kb/s my speed is 1 mb/s but getting 75kb/s in game launcher how do i increase it i get steam download at 6mb/s and is there something to do with log file that will help?

0 download speed epic games

Nowadays, most people are used to using a wireless connection. However, a wireless connection is very unstable and is not consistent as a wired connection. So, to download large files like games efficiently, please use a wired connection rather than a wireless connection.

Epic Games Launcher offers a vast catalog of free and paid games that you can download and play on your computer. However, with modern gaming titles as large as hundreds of GBs, downloading games using the Epic Games Launcher can be a headache if experiencing sudden drops in the download speed.

How to fix slow download speed or 0 on Epic Games launcher

Epic Games 0.00B/s resolved Reddit

Increase Epic Games launcher download speed by throttling

Turn off VPN and proxy servers to fix slow download speed in Epic Games launcher

Epic Games launcher stuck at 0.00B/s unpacking

Run Epic Games launcher as administrator to solve 0 download speed

Check Windows Defender firewall settings for Epic Games launcher download speed

Epic Games launcher download speed vs Steam and Origin

Change server location to improve Epic Games launcher download speed

Pause and resume download to fix 0.00B/s on Epic Games launcher

Clear cache and temporary files of Epic Games launcher

Reinstall Epic Games launcher to fix slow or 0 download speed

Use a download manager to speed up Epic Games launcher downloads

Contact Epic Games support team for 0.00B/s issue

Update graphics card drivers for better Epic Games launcher performance

Disable antivirus and firewall software temporarily for Epic Games launcher downloads

Change DNS settings to boost Epic Games launcher download speed

Use Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi for faster Epic Games launcher downloads

Close background programs and processes that use bandwidth for Epic Games launcher downloads

Enable QoS (Quality of Service) on your router for Epic Games launcher downloads

Optimize your SSD or HDD for faster Epic Games launcher downloads

Use a third-party software to limit bandwidth usage of other applications for Epic Games launcher downloads

Change the installation folder of Epic Games launcher to a different drive

Disable automatic updates of Epic Games launcher and games

Enable port forwarding on your router for Epic Games launcher downloads

Check the integrity of game files on Epic Games launcher

Move or migrate game files to another folder, drive, or PC for Epic Games launcher downloads

Enable or disable hardware acceleration on Epic Games launcher

Use a wired or wireless repeater or extender to improve Wi-Fi signal for Epic Games launcher downloads

Change the priority of Epic Games launcher in Task Manager

Use a different browser to download games from Epic Games store website

Enable or disable peer-to-peer downloading on Epic Games launcher settings

Check the network adapter settings and properties for Epic Games launcher downloads

Use a different device or computer to download games from Epic Games store website

Troubleshoot network connection problems for Epic Games launcher downloads

Check the system requirements of the games you are downloading from Epic Games store website

Use a different account or create a new one for Epic Games store website and launcher

Restart your computer or device after downloading games from Epic Games store website or launcher

Check the storage space available on your drive before downloading games from Epic Games store website or launcher

Disable or uninstall any VPN, proxy, or ad-blocking software that may interfere with Epic Games store website or launcher downloads

Check the status of Epic Games store website and launcher servers online

Report any bugs or glitches related to 0.00B/s on Epic Games store website or launcher forums or social media platforms

Follow the official guides and tutorials from Epic Games store website and launcher for downloading games and troubleshooting issues

Compare the download speed of different games on Epic Games store website and launcher and see if there is any difference

Check the reviews and ratings of the games you are downloading from Epic Games store website and see if other users have faced similar issues with 0.00B/s

Try downloading games from other platforms or sources and see if the problem persists with 0.00B/s

Scan your computer or device for any malware or viruses that may affect your download speed on Epic Games store website or launcher

Adjust the power settings of your computer or device to high performance mode for faster downloads on Epic Games store website or launcher

Test your internet speed using online tools and see if it matches with the download speed on Epic Games store website or launcher

While one can fix slow download speeds by restarting their computer, router, or the Epic Games Launcher, these solutions are only temporary fixes that may only help you sometimes. Therefore, in this post, we will look at some of the most common factors that might slow down your downloads and the solutions to fix them.

Epic Games Launcher offers a download throttling feature to let you restrict the download speed of games. That helps when you share the network bandwidth for other essential tasks. Hence, If you want to download your games as quickly as possible, you must ensure that this toggle is turned off.

A slow DNS server can also stop you from quickly downloading games from the Epic Games Launcher. If you use the DNS servers hosted by your ISP, try using different public DNS servers to improve the download speed.

Often obsolete or corrupt network drivers on your PC can cause unusual network issues, including slow download speeds on Windows 11. Hence, updating or reinstalling the Network drivers on your computer is a good idea to ensure a stable network connection.

Note: Uninstalling Epic Games Launcher from your PC will also remove all your games, their downloadable content (DLCs), and save files. You may want to learn how to backup and restore your games in Epic Games Launcher before proceeding further.

Okay so, I usually get around 500-700kB/s internet speed so I just went to settings in the epic games launcher, ticked the "throttle downloads" option and set that to around 1000kB/s just to be safe and did the well known engine.ini thing along with it where I would paste this:

I just started downloading GTA V from the epic games launcher and it at first gave me poor internet speeds (mostly stuck at 0kB/s) but then I messed with the engine.ini file of the epic games launcher and entered this:

Though it did indeed increase the internet speed but the same happened after 80-85MB of the game was downloaded i.e. the speed went down and got stuck at 0kB/s occasionally hitting a 100kB/s for a second or two and then going back to 0kB/s. I restarted the epic games launcher and the download couple of times but the same kept happening it would give good speeds initially but when it has downloaded 80-85MB the speed again goes to being the same way. I would really appreciate it if someone can give me a working solution for this issue, I have also already tried changing the DNS servers and tried a couple of them but they made no difference.

Edit: The "write" speeds I get during the download are somewhere around 500MB/s but that does too die down to zero when the downloading speed goes to 0kB/s but is constant when the downloading speed is constant, I usually get around 400-600kB/s internet speed for the part of the download where the speed is not stuck at zero. Another thing is that even when the download speed is stuck at 0kB/s, the file size keeps increasing and the write speeds do rise up every now and then, all while the download speed is at 0kB/s.

Fortnite's update speed depends on your Internet connection and whether the Epic Games servers are saturated. If you're at your maximum connection speed, you can try downloading at a time when there's less saturation.

On EGS, many people report performance problems and long load times in the launcher, while many others do not. After experimenting with some settings (to boost download speeds below), I may have found the cause for this. It seems like the HTTP thread sucks away time from other threads, which basically makes your load times inverse to your HTTP speeds possibly, as the UI cannot load due to long pause times from HTTP.

For many on stable and fast Internet connections, although EGS has decent speeds compared to other launchers, it does not reach the peaks we would like. For this guide, I will provide some settings to max out your download/install speeds on EGS, for gigabit fiber ethernet connections. Other connections may suffer with these settings, but the documentation provided may help you to better understand the available settings and tweak on your own. Feel free to contribute settings which work for your Internet!

Whenever I try and install any games, whether from epic games, steam, or riot, the internet speed seems to drop astronomically. I pay for 1gbps, and I used to get 1gbps before installing eset. After installing, my downloads such as on steam, instead of taking the first said 10 minutes, ended up taking 2 hours. This is because the internet speed went up, and then drops down to zero. This stays at zero for quite a while, and goes up only barley. I have already checked with my internet provider, even on different computers without eset internet security. Those computers download at the expected 1gbps or 100mbps. On riot launcher, the download seems to be limited to .1kbps, because it will start jumping up to 5mbps or maybe even 10mbps and then immediately drops down to .1kbps again.

You can download Rebel Galaxy and keep it forever on the Epic Games Store from August 12 to August 19. And the free games just keep coming with Far Cry 5 going free-to-play this weekend on both Epic Games and Ubisoft Connect. If you like it, you can keep playing with an 85% discount on both stores.

Click the Install button and wait for the installation to complete. Depending on your system specifications and Internet connection speed, downloading and installing Unreal Engine can take between 10 to 40 minutes, sometimes longer.

One thing you can do is change the download settings on Epic Games. The program is default set to download at the highest speed possible. However, this can sometimes lead to slower speeds overall. If you change the settings to download at a lower speed, it can help improve the program's overall speed.

One thing you can do is set the throttle to "0". You can do this by opening the Epic Games Launcher, going to Settings, and then changing the Download Region. Set the Download Throttle to 0, and then try downloading the game again. This should help to improve your download speed.

If you're interested in using a VPN to speed up your downloads, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, not all VPNs are created equal. Some are faster than others, so it's important to research and find one that's right for you. Additionally, you'll need to ensure that the VPN you choose is compatible with Epic Games. Once you've found a VPN that meets those criteria, connect to it and enjoy faster downloads.

First, select the game you want to download from the Epic Games launcher. Then, check if the download speed is set to "unlimited." If not, try changing it to unlimited and see if that helps.

I have been suffering from this for a couple of years. Start the download and it gets up to 80 or 90 MB/s for a bit and slows right down to 0. Pause download and restart and it runs for a minute if you are lucky and stops again. My internet connection is solid. 1.5 gbps connection with no latency or packet loss. The fix was that I had to limit my download speed at 50 mb/s. I can download well faster that that but the origin client can't seem to handle it. I have no problem with Epic Games or Steam as they will plow through at full speed until done. Anyhow. I have tested throttling the download speed in Origin on 2 computers with success. The weirdest part is that my second computer is using wifi and can only get around 20MBps full speed and I had to limit that computer to 10MBps. The client is weird. I hope this can help someone else

I am trying to download Mass Effect Andromeda and the download keeps fluctuating, falling to 0 and just sitting there for several minutes until it shoots back up to some random download speed, stays there for a few seconds and then falls back to 0 and the cycle continues. I can press pause on the download and then continue (to restart it) and it shoots back up, but the download speed again is random (sometimes it is high, but most of the time it is far lower than it should be?) and then it falls back and sits on 0 again in a few seconds etc.I've tried disabling all programs, my antivirus, reinstalling origin, restarting the computer, restarting origin and I'm using a wired connection.I just logged into steam, downloaded a 1GB game in 5 minutes. Yet in the 12 hours I just got this game, it's only downloaded 7GB, primarily because I've been actively restarting the install by pausing and resuming which seems to make it start to download, until it falls back to 0 in a few seconds.


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