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How to Download and Install Dolphin Emulator Version 1.01 for Windows, Mac and Linux

Dolphin Emulator Alpha is the pioneer emulator which was built up to imitate only commercial games on PCs, Cell phone devices, and MACs. For the first time, it was thought out and presented by Henrik Rvdgard (Ector) and FIRES in 200. But the developers of this application disastrously failed at its first release. In 2004 the makers of this app decided to stop it by releasing version 1.01 as its last version.

As I'm on 1.01 RD and dolphin 5 maybe the offsets that other people have given only work on dolphin 5 and 1.01 and not 1.00. The original RDCC works on dolphin 4.0.2 so you might want to try the codes on 4.0.2 dolphin (it should load your save from dolphin 5 without any weirdness and if you apply codes and save and open it dolphin 5 you should still keep the items)

download dolphin emulator version 1.01

2. Wiis exist and I believe that wiis are the point of gecko codes. You can use any version of an emulator you want with any dump as long as the dump is legit. Since I think that four types of rom dumps exist (PAL 1.01, PAL 1.00, NTSC 1.01, NTSC 1.00) and two different versions of dolphin possessing different memory addresses (Dolphin 5.0 and Dolphin 4.02 and lowerprobably) it can be all sorts of screwy. Also I think dolphin memory was different from wii to begin with even in 4.02.

for what i am seeing, 1.01 dolphin codes are still are still the same as the console ones, so you can easily port them from the ones from the gecko site and the archived wiird forum since them are all 1.00 codes.

Dolphin was officially discontinued temporarily in December 2004, with the developers releasing version 1.01 as the final version of the emulator.[33] The developers later revived the project in October 2005.[34]

Note that only version 1.01 of Mario Party 4 and version 1.02 of Mario Party 8 are supported; If you have another version of Mario Party 4, you can use the converter included in the Extras folder of the download.


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