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My Story

RENSHI JAMES HOLDER, BA(Hons), MBA, FCMI. 7th Dan Shotokan Karate - 2nd Dan JIu Jitsu - 1st Dan Judo

Head Coach of the Caribbean Karate Federation (WUKF)

He started Martial art in 1964, first doing JUDO for 4 years and attained the grade of SHODAN Black belt. He commenced his SHOTOKHAN KARATE training in Guyana in 1969 under Teruyuki Okazaki, Frank Won-a-Tai and Dennis Singh.

He came to England in 1974 from Guyana to study business administration. While at University, he carried on with his Karate training. Some of his instructors were Ray Fuller(Thames Karate), Hirokazu Kanazawa, Einosuke Enoeda.

In 1977 he formed the Makonde Karate club in Haringey which, was linked to the Thames Karate group. The club excelled at various Open Karate Championship including the Northgate Arena and Crystal Palace. In sport Karate, Renshi Holder accumulated over 90 trophies.

In 1979 he was approached to take over the role of Haringey Karate coach from Joe Claronino for the London Borough youth games. He held this role for 2 years. 

His experience and curiosity encouraged him in 1984 to focus more on Full Contact Karate (kick boxing). This new form of karate requires training in Boxing which he embarked upon. He was taught by Dominic Valera (France), Benny Urquidez (USA), and Steve Babbs (UK). He competed from 1984 to 1991 with various successes and rose to the level of number 3 Lightweight Contender before retirement in 1991.

In 2001 he linked up with the Martial Arts Federation International and was Kumite Coach until November 2017. He is currently Head Coach for the Caribbean Karate Federation (WUKF).

His experience in Karate encouraged him to try other forms of Martial arts such as Jui Jitsu in which he holds a 2nd Dan, and Muya Tai.

His form of Karate is combat which is based on the principles of traditional combat applications, including aggressive striking and the use of throws, sweeps, take down and limited group fighting.

Combat Karate is defined as aggressively attacking with legal strikes and take downs that result in effective impact on the opponent.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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