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My Story

Kelchelle started Karate when  she was 3 and half years old from watching her older brother and shortly fell in love with the Martial art. At such a young age she was very dedicated and disciplined and soon was on her way to becoming black belt trained five days a week.

At age 6 in 2010, she became the youngest black belt in Europe, being put in the Evening standard and having interviews with Newsround and 6 years later she earned her second Dan blackbelt.

After many years of training, Kechelle began to enter external competitions, her first one being the European Championship at age 9 in Sheffield, placing 4th. 

Placing first in both Kata and Kumite aged 15 in Oxbridge.

Senpai Kechelle and sensei believed that she can go to the next level. she has reached all expectation when she entered into her first world championship (WUKF) in Dundee in 2018. She placed 4th and was awarded with the title of becoming the 4th best in Kumite in 2018. 

Due to disruption of Covid-19, Senpai Kechelle was enable to compete and began to pass on her knowledge onto a new generation of karate student by teaching the Oriental Karate College international at the Selby centre. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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